"one shot is all we'll get, but it's all you need to change everything"
– Anthony

Keidrich Sellati – Anthony

(FX's The Americans, The Jesuit)


John’s brother, he is fearless, explosive, and short- tempered. He holds his guard up high, and is tough to befriend; a product of what time and situation has made him. Keeping John and his mom safe is his main priority, even if it means throwing himself into the fire.


Maxwell Apple – John

(Person to Person)


He’s timid, emotional, and lacks confidence. He’s quiet, until he feels comfortable, then he has plenty to say, letting his imagination run wild. However, time and situation has forced his creativity to be subdued. He looks to his brother for protection, and approval. Additionally, all of his hopes and beliefs are in Anthony, John Starks, and the Knicks. Throughout the film, it is his perspective that heightens reality as he remembers it.


James Digiacomo – Dom

(Brooklyn, Kevin Can Wait)


Dom is rough and tough, and not afraid to get dirty. He has the mouth of a sailor and is a loyal guy. Once in his circle he will do his all to protect you. The boys are his family. Additionally, he’s the guy you want on your team when things go down. He also has a sensitive side, and makes a lot of great points that no one listens to, because, well, it’s Dom.


Tanner Flood – Brian

(Moonrise Kingdom, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


Brian's nickname is the “Cock-U-Lator” and he is quick-witted and smart. He's great with numbers and his usage of math gets the boys out of some sticky situations. He is also the voice of reason and the glue that keeps the group organized, along with Billy.


Colin Critchley – Sal

(Breaking Brooklyn, Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie)


Sal’s all flash and mouth. He’s a commentator, rapper, and in his eyes, the greatest at everything he does. It’s not how good you play, it’s how good you look. He provides the comic relief and is partners in crime with Dom.


Harrison Wittmeyer – Billy

(The Family, Revenge for Jolly)


A strong, athletic, observant young boy. Billy takes an early liking to John, and takes him under his wing. He is a coach in life and sport beyond his years. He is also the first boy to really have an inkling that something deeper is going on emotionally with John and Anthony. He is the unlabeled leader of the group, and along with Brian, the most rational.


Nolan Lyons – Bradley

(Boardwalk Empire, Bridge of Spies)


Bradley loves to run his mouth and tease the boys with a special ability to get under all of their skin. He's keen on making fun of John, which doesn't sit too well with Anthony and only makes Bradley bully John more.


Sophia Rose – Gina

(A Man Before His Time, Memento Mori)


Sassy and cute, her parents own the pizza place and the boys have their eyes on her, especially Sal. Sal tries to woo her with his antics, but can he take back what he dishes out? Has he met his match?


Wass Stevens – Dad

(Patti Cake$, The Wrestler, Public Morals)

He’s explosive, emotional, yet tender in his own self. However, his tenderness is few and far between, because this wasn’t supposed to be his life. He blames his children for his failures and has turned to drink to compensate for his disappointments.


Marjan Neshat – Mom

(RoboCop, The Book of Henry)

A young mother who tries to do the best with the hand she has been dealt. She attempts to referee her short- tempered husband and son, Anthony, sometimes successful, most times not. She’s seen enough from her abusive husband, that it’s time she puts her foot down and gives her children a chance at a better life. Her love for her children is felt deeply, more so than her love for her self.


Frankie J. Alvarez  – Older John

(HBO's Looking)

This is his story. At present day, he’s grown to be an accomplished children’s book author, and a lot of
his successes and influences can be accounted to the summer of ’94, albeit, a short summer. He doesn’t quite understand what is real and true, and his emotions have been subdued. In social media, and on the phone, he is stern, confident and strong, but in reality he is fragile, lacking the true bonds of real friendship. He compensates by throwing his all, into his work.



An introvert recounts the summer of '94, when he and his brother plotted revenge against their abusive father.

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